Autodroid Software Development has written a custom USB video driver from scratch because Android did not support USB video.
The "Easycap viewer" app of Autodroid Software Development use this driver.

In order to connect your USB easycap video grabber to your Android device you will likely need a USB OTG cable to trigger the 'USB host' functionality of your Android device. This is the cable you need:

or if your Android device, when you connecting UTV007, shows: I\O usb error - it means that you need to use extra power with powered USB hub or this OTG-Y cable:

This cable is similar to a standard USB OTG cable with a full sized female USB connector on the end that connects to the USB video grabber, but it branches off into 2 connectors on the other end. One is a standard male micro USB connector for connecting to the android device and the other is a female micro USB connector. The female micro USB connector allows the ability to plug in a standard male micro USB wall charger to inject power into the circuit.
Note: some devices require 500mA while some Android wall-adapter power adapter only supply 300mA, so using an OTG-Y cable will not help and a powered USB hub is necessary. And please check, when you connected, that on your USB video grabber always "Green light" ON.

Do NOT use or buy this one:

When you order a cable, make sure it says 'OTG'.

Our app automatically "PnP" and has default PAL video, if you use NTSC video system, than you need to tap on the screen and choose on the right top corner "preferences" => "change video format" => NTSC
JFYI: most of car rear camera's uses NTSC video format

Our app did not work with MT, MTK or Huawei Hisilicon Kirin processors, because problem in developers of those processors (hardware and software side)