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Smart power box

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1. Algorithm of work

-constant voltage 4.5V in output power supply for the tablet (to contacts instead of the controller or the batteries), but turns off when the ACC was no more than 17 hours.
-when power is "on" on ACC, after 2 sec power 5,2v goes to the hub, after more 3 sec - to OTG (in this case GND "lost" for Hall Sensor)
-when power is "off" on ACC, after 5 sec voltage on OTG is lost(in this case GND is "on" for Hall Sensor) (swallowing moving starter), Voltage on Hub waiting more 20 min(*), if during this 5 sec "coming back", that trip does not occur.
-after the voltage has an OTG, after 1sec going on +12v REMOTE(for switching on amplifier, it exclude loud "NOISE" in speakers), and going off, if ACC is "off".

2. Battery voltage monitoring
-when voltage goes down till 11.5v and more, after 60 sec power is "off" on OTG (in this case GND is on for Hall Sensor), after more 10 sec power is "off" on HUB, and more 5 min FULL power off.
-when the voltage goes down till 9.5v and more, after 1 min - FULL power off of "power box" (consumption 3.6).

3. Connectors
-constant 12v from car battery. (via fuse)
-12v, which appear, when ACC "on" (for example: cigarette lighter)

+5.2v to USB OTG or GND to hall Sensor. OTG or HS choose with jumper on the board.
+5.2v power to USB HUB
+4.5v to power board of the Tablet
+12v - REMOTE control for amplifier
-all output voltage is adjusted with potentiometers.

4. Protection
- ESR and EMI filters.
- Polarity (require external fuse on 10A to +12v of Car battery)

5. Adjustable parameters (adjustable via USB from your PC - no driver needed)
- Boundary parameters voltage protection against deep discharge battery
- Trip timing hub or complete shutdown of the system (20 minutes and 17 hours by default)

6. Dimensions 5183mm

Approx price 40 USD w\o delivery



Where can I buy one of these?
That seems like a perfect solution




Champagne wrote:

Where can I buy one of these?
That seems like a perfect solution


You can do it via our e-mail - pls send us request and delivery adress